Soil Culture: Forum

Soil Culture Forum

 Revitalising our relationship with the soil 
Falmouth University, 2 - 5 July 2014

RANE (Research in Art, Nature and Environment) group in collaboration with Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World delivered the Soil Culture Forum at Falmouth Univeristy earlier this July.

Gathering Dirt by Janet McEwan & Ann Osman

 The hugely enjoyable Forum brought together the visual and literary arts to help raise awareness about the importance of soil, with over 80 participants. Clive Adams and Daro Montag, directors of CCANW welcomed and launched the Forum with a presentation which outlined the wider Soil Culture programme, including its residencies and touring exhibitions. Followed by Patrick Holden's enlightening talk on his relationship to his farm, calling for a deeper cultural understand of soil, growing from the mineral, to the biological, to a holistic approach on growing healthy soils. Here are some photographs showing the variety of presentations and workshops across the four days.

Sam Bower collecting soil sample for

Samples for Janet McEwan &
Ann Osman workshop

Ann Osman,Charlotte Rathbone &
Chris Jones looking at farm land sample

Exhibition of evnironmental artwork

Exhibition of evnironmental artwork

 Opening talk by Patrick Holden

Fraulein Brehms Tierleben, Lubbricus
Terrestris, Der Regenwurm

Straw shed and Strawberries workshop, by
Tom Ingate & Jo Tracey

Jude Allen participating in the Straw
shed workshop

Naomi Wright, Soil Kitchen workshop

Angela Shaw chalk workshop

Angela Shaw, Paper Poxy work

Emma Saffy Wilson, Hikura
dorodango workshop


A Hikura dorodango coated with
Bideford black earth pigment


Hildegard Kurt, Being Humus workshop


Jackie Yoemans, seed community workshop

Janet McEwan & Ann Osman,
Gathering Dirt workshop

Soil sample analysis, part of
Gathering Dirt

Pete Ward, earth pigments workshop

Participants playing with earth pigments

Photo Credit: Martyn Windsor

SOIL CULTURE from Bryony Stokes on Vimeo.